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  • This is the space provided to retrieve Moodle courses held in the Archive.  The archive is held in a shared folder.  Katherine Voorvelt; Nynke-Jo Smit; and Lubna Sharwani have access to the shared folder "Moodle backup". 

    To access a Moodle course held in the archival shared folder it is necessary to create a course in Moodle (in this category) and import the course held in the shared folder to the temporary Moodle course.   Once the information has been gleaned the temporary retrieved course in Moodle should be deleted.    

    This may seem a complicated process, however it should be considered that retrieving a Moodle course entails retrieving the whole contents of the course, including participants submission, Turnitin reports, links and more.  As we are only required to access a course, held three years or more ago, approximately once per year, this process is suitable.  It is not possible to keep the archive within Moodle for a number of good reasons.