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      Academic Calendar 2016-2017 Academic Year

      The Academic Calendar provides an overview of the 2016-2017 MA Programme in Development Studies at ISS, and includes the various components of the Programme; planning when to do what; Rules and Regulations; and the Exam timetable.

      In this electronic version of the MA Calendar there are links to each course description held in the list of courses on page 54 of the MA Calendar - Part 3 Course Descriptions..


      MA Calendar 2016-2017 Page
          Part 1 - General Structure of the ISS MA Programme
          Part 2 - Descriptions of the Majors and Specializations
          Part 3 - Descriptions of the Courses
          Part 4 - MA Schedule
          Part 5 - Exam Schedule MA Programme

       Note: The course code's first digit indicates the course type as follows:

      • 1xxx     Foundation courses
      • 2xxx     General Course on Development Studies
      • 3xxx     Research Technique Courses
      • 4xxx     Major and Optional Courses
      • 9xxx     Remedial Courses