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    • General

      Board of Examiners 16-17

      Ms. N.J. Smit (Academic Registrar); Dr Erwin Ploeger , Dr.H.V.B.Nicholas,  Dr. R. Kurian (Chair); ;Prof.. Dr.P.A.G. van Bergeijk,  Ms. L. Sharwani (Secretary).


      The ISS Board of Examiners (BoE) is responsible for the assessment procedures of the MA programme. It monitors whether the MA regulations on assessment are applied equally to all MA students, and is in charge of clearing all MA study results, granting extensions of submission deadlines and handling cases of alleged plagiarism and/or fraud.

      For the Current MA Programmes, the BoE consists of: Dr Rachel Kurian (Chair), Professor Dr. Peter van Bergeijk (member), Dr. H.V.B. Nicholas (member), Nynke Jo Smit (Academic Registrar), a TLC representative, and Lubna Sharwani (Secretary).



    • Topic 2

      Research Paper and Course Assignment Extension Requests 

      The Board of Examiners can only issue extensions in situations of force majeure (i.e. documented serious circumstances beyond a student’s control that make it impossible for the student to meet deadlines set). Requests for an extension have to be documented. In case extensions are necessitated by medical reasons, evidence through a doctor’s note or otherwise is required. Of course the BoEx will treat all requests and supporting documentation as confidential.   

      Course Assignment Submission Extension Application:

      Research Paper Submission Extension Application:

      Appealing Grades

      Students may appeal against any mark for any MA assignment, as well as for the Research Paper. This must be done in writing, within four weeks after the publication of the marks in case of course assigments and before having received the MA degree and transcript, or a Certificate, in case of the Research Paper. The student must: inform the Board of Examiners of the assignment (exam question or essay assignment) involved; submit a copy of the assignment; and provide reasons in support of her/his appeal.
      PLEASE NOTE that an appeal can also result in a lower grade than the one that was appealed. For all details concerning the appeals procedure, please consult Article 12 of the ISS MA Regulations.
      Grade Appeal Application:


      Appeal on a Board of Examiners decision:

      Change of formal standard of procedure for this type of appeal is currently in progress.  In the meantime such appeal applications should be sent by e.mail to the Academic Registrar njsmit@iss.nl .

      • Topic 3

        Academic Integrity (Plagiarism and Fraud)

        The Board of Examiners has an active policy to prevent plagiarism.The 16-17 power-point presentations are available below.

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           Student Charter 2016/2017